In Catalonia (Spain) – some excursions around Hospitalet: L’Ametlla

On 1st of November, we visit l’Amettla del Mar – south of Hospitalet de l’Infant, where we spend some weeks end October to mid November 2016 enjoying the small apartment of our friends.

L’Amettla del Mar is a small fishers’ town. We always buy fresh fish from l’Amettla at Jordi’s in Hospitalet (delicious!). Also Wikipedia says that fishing is the main activity of l’Amettla. The town is built on rocks overlooking the natural harbour where the fishing boats are resting during the day.


The weather is warm and sunny.


Along the rocks there is a promenade with outlook points.


It is three pm – just the right time for dinner in Catalonia (uff, so late for me, my stomach always rebels much earlier).


Dogs may understand Catalonian here.


Many, many seagulls have congregated on the water of the Mediterranean Sea. These small white spots are seagulls…


… and they are enlarged now.


Tourism is the second source of income of l’Ametlla – north of the city we find wealthy private houses.


Behind this bay there is a camping site with an Olympia size pool (now closed) and a hiking path. A good place to camp in summer.


We follow the rocky coast line and reach this cemetery that is now – on 1st of November – richly adorned with flowers and well visited by local people that remember their ancestors.


Just before driving “home” to Hospitalet de l’Infant, we stop in this small oil mill – the third pillar of income of l’Ametlla is agriculture.


We buy honey and virgin olive oil.


Great souvenirs and gifts for Christmas – at home I savour the tasty rosemary honey – it is delicious.

L’Ametlla was a charming experience – there is so much to see around Hospitalet.





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