Yes, retired.

Since three weeks. No early retirement – normal retirement. I am one of those baby boomers. After having worked with full enthusiasm until 7 PM on my last day. Feeling happy to leave at a good moment, handing over my tasks to a wonderful young team of millenials. I miss them now, but I know I have to leave their chance to them to bring a fresh wind to what I have done before, together with a friend who  now also has retired. I leave good feelings behind me.

And, I am full of plans.

I now first started to clean up my house and renovate it

I hope that my star watching over me appreciates my enthusiasm to renovate his house. We would have loved to do so together, but I am now alone here. This also means to give away memories that we have shared and to discover some corners of his life that I had not known before, while browsing through his material to check out what I still need. This is painful, but at the same time gives me the opportunity to look back to the long years we shared. It is good to look back to wonderful years, though I miss my love. Especially now, when having retired.

Then, there is traveling ahead of me

I enjoy discovering the world and mixing into non Swiss cultures. Though I am perfectly Swiss from Basel. In the past I loved to travel with my star, to Asia, to Africa, To the Middle East, to South America, to Spain, to Russia… and also to my mother town Berlin. Then I was a Swiss working in Poland  or in the US for a few weeks overall… all good memories.

And now, I want to dive into Sankt Petersburg – Piteri – for a few weeks, meeting a wonderful friend and brushing up my command of the Russian language. Later it will be Mongolia – I will try to learn some of their words as well, and I particularly look forward to spending some days on the Khösvol Lake, and then the Gobi desert is also an old dream of mine. And, what about the leadership skills of Dschingis Khan? He understood how to leverage a new battle strategy, a private guard of 10000 people and relying on his most capable son to hand on his achievements to the next generation – can we learn from him today?

And , after these sabbaticals, I dream of sharing my baby boomer experience

Yes, I do not feel like Kaffikränzli only (people sitting on a round table drinking coffee), but I would like to come back, feel the contagious innovation of millenials and share my experience with them. I love to share and to receive… and to achieve results.

WordPress is a new experience for me

When still working before retirement I loved to participate in our social platform. WordPress is different. I have just started discovering it, after the excellent support of a millenial who patiently accompanied me through the application forms. What I now love to see is all these suggestions that appear about related content: Gobi desert, early retirement, Dschingis Khan… If only WordPress would stop to try to squeeze me into a German version… my exposure to all this has always been in English and I never understand the German menus.