After having taken our fotos of the sunset around the Georgy hut, we sleep well though being on 3200m. Thanks to our alarm clock, we wake up early enough to watch the dawn before seven am – looking to the west in the direction of St. Moritz and the Julier.


We are standing on the tiny helicopter landing spot just above the hut and around seven am, the sun rises in the east.


Claudio and his friend from Nepal serve an excellent breakfast. After having walked down some 900m, we look back to the Piz Languard.  The Piz is the triangular peak to the left. We say good-bye to the Georgy hut that lies just below that peak.


We take the chairlift down to Pontresina, then hop on to the bus to Maloja and settle in the Sport hotel. From here, we visit the Bithaberg lake, just half an hour away.


Autumn has just started shily with some first yellow leaves here at the Bitabergh lake.


I am convinced that an old knight will now emerge from this lake, because after having loved a noble lady he cannot find peace. However, neither our host nor “Dr. Google”  know any legends about this romantic lake.

On our third day in the Engadin, the weather has changed. In the drizzling rain, we walk along the Maloja lake to Isola and Sils Maria. This is a sailing boat that is waiting for better weather and some wind –   in the middle of a blue-greyish scenery.


It is waiting together with this red rowing boat.


The clouds hang over the lake – we are looking back to Maloja.


The lake is transparent and clean, another blue-grey variation.


Segantini has painted one of these peers that I now find in the mist.


The lake and clouds… do you see the small island in the middle? This is another blue-grey variation.


More water and clouds – two shades of greyish blue with one little duck.


Yes, it is lovely weather for ducks, but it is also lovely weather for some interesting fotos – not just sunshine, mountains and blue sky, but mono color variations. In a way I have been inspired by the black and white fotos of Guido Baselgia. In some of them I see nothing but grey, however my friend explains to me that there are different shades of grey. Hm, maybe you are right?

From Sils Maria we take the bus and train back to Basel. Some four hours later we are back at home. We have spent three wonderful days taking fotos and walking – and my muscles tell me clearly: “You have walked down some 1000m, we have not enjoyed that at all and we make you feel it!”



Engadin – looking for the sunrise on 3200m – and then for blue-greyish clouds

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