Göscheneralp – moor and highmoor reserve above the artificial lake – a photo hike

Would you join me for a photo hike on the Göscheneralp?

My friend Richard asks me: “Would you like to join me for a photo hike on the Göscheneralp?” Oh, yes, of course I would. I have been on the Göscheneralp some fifteen years ago, with Ernst. I would love to see it again and use my new Nikon camera, while benefiting from Richard’s experience. We buy train tickets to Göschenen, Richard reserves seats in the local bus to the Göscheneralp and one night in the Dammahütte (a Swiss Alpine Club mountain hut run by Lydia and Frank). And off we go, taking the early morning train at 6:04 AM in Basel arriving at the dam at 9:30 AM.


What is the Göscheneralp? It is an artificial lake with a nature reserve, a loop path and welcoming mountain huts in front of the Dammastock

The Göscheneralp was covered by an artificial lake in 1960. Water energy from the mountains –  this is ecological on one hand, but on the other hand I have mixed feelings about the village Hinteralp that is now under the water – including the church.

DSC_0002 small

May be I am not alone with my mixed feelings. The northern slopes above the artificial lake are now a nature reserve with moors and highmoors.

The loop path leads around the lake. The Swiss love to hike around the lake. Families with their kids (including their grandmothers and grandfathers) master the 3 hour walk on a narrow path going up and down and up and down.

The welcoming mountain huts cater for the hikers. The huts are called Bergseehütte, Chelenalphütte and Dammahütte. The Bergseehütte is managed by Toni Fullin. He is an institution. He is a mountain guide that documents the climbing routes and the traditional dishes that make use of what the mountains of Uri deliver. Such as soup made out of bread and cheese. The Dammahütte is where we have reserved to stay – it is about 650m above the lake level.


The moors and highmoors

We start north of the lake to take pictures in the moors and highmoors. The ponds reflect the mountains…

DSC_0009 small

… and the small chapel.

DSC_0019 small

We also come across a frog,…

DSC_0023 small

… enjoy the view of the Dammastock with its glacier,…

DSC_0025 small

… and play with background and foreground.

DSC_0043 small


The Chelenen Reuss… flowing water… let us play with the shutter time

We leave the moors and highmoors and cross the Chelenen Reuss. Here we practice changing the shutter time – short…

DSC_0033 small

… and longer.

DSC_0034 small

I prefer it shorter.


Up to the Dammahütte in the burning sun – a hearty welcome by Lydia and Frank

In the burning sun we walk up to the Dammahütte, about 2450m above sea level. Lydia and Frank with their daughter give us a hearty welcome. This is the evening view of the Göscheneralp Lake taken near the Dammahütte.

DSC_0059 small

We have an excellent dinner with soup, salad, Spaghetti and pine apple dessert.


Morning at six… the sky is clear

Early at six we look forward to a great and sunny day. This is the view of the morning sky

DSC_0068 small

The sun is still low and gives light to the Dammahütte in front of the Dammastock.

DSC_0078 small

After a tasty breakfast with Birchermüesli and rolled mountain cheese, we talk with the owners of the hut. As they expect more tourists today, the daughter prepares a Schlorzifladen. This is a cake common in Toggenburg near the lake of Constance (Bodensee).


Panorama walk with goats and more water games

We take the Panorama walk down to the lake. Hello goats!

DSC_0106 small

Yes, YOU MUST enjoy the view!

DSC_0112 small

The Damma Reuss – again we change the shutter time from short…

DSC_0129 small

… to longer.

DSC_0130 small

And then I look back with the thistle in the foreground.

DSC_0133 small


Back along the lake catching the 13:30 bus

Now we head down to the lake, join the families on their round walk south of the lake…

DSC_0162 small

and at the dam catch the 13:30 bus to Göschenen. Already around 5 PM we are back in Basel. It starts to rain and then it pours with rain. Lucky we have been having enjoyed two wonderful, sunny days.

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