Quiet days in L’Hospitalet de l’Infant

Some of our days in L’Hospitalet are very quiet.We stayed “at home” shopping, swimming, reading, walking and enjoying our balcony. I am not a beach person… but leisure in this “off-the-beaten-tracks” village L’Hospitalet de l’Infant has its charms, especially now in early June, before the season has started off.

In the morning we would watch the sunrise.

DSC_0267 small

In town we would do some shopping – for instance buy fresh fruit or vegetables in the Fruites i Verduras Shop – tasty cherries and strawberries. Or we would buy fresh fish in the Peixateria. They have it from l’Ametlla de Mar, a village not far from Hospitalet. We love their codfish and sole. We prepared it just with butter and some rosemary that we had collected in the hills near Hospitalet. Delicious.

DSC_0702 small

The apartment house has a pool – we would swim in it, sometimes together with the first guests from Spain. One couple is from San Sebastian. Another couple has a baby. And one man has come just with his dog.



When temperatures cool down a bit in the late afternoon, we would walk along the beach line of Hospitalet or follow the GR 92 from Hospitalet to climb the hills.

Once we visited the camping site Cala d’Oques. “Oques” is Catalan. It is the plural of “oca” which means “goose”.  The emblem of the camping site matches its name. The small restaurant serves excellent tapas – even rated in TripAdvisor. Buen provecho.

DSC_0172 small

From here GR 92 leads up to the Punto de les Rojales (well marked).

DSC_0165 small

We enjoy the view of the sea…

DSC_0163 small

… and of Hospitalet.

DSC_0162 small

The landscape towards the mountains is a harsh contrast to the romantic coast line. There are motorways paralleled by well constructed roads and factories or power stations.

DSC_0167 small


The village beaches are getting ready for July/August… they just start to become populated

The guests are slowly arriving in L’Hospitalet – on our second Sunday the beach was more populated than on our first Sunday, but there is still space left.

DSC_0733 small

The beaches and the water are clean. We frown at these plastic cars and find out, they are pedal boats with a slide.

DSC_0727 small

When back home we will learn that such pedal boats are also in use on the lake of Zurich. We must have missed an important evolution of water games…



Market on Sundays

Every Sunday there is a street market on the quay. We hear Swiss German, German, French, Russian, Spanish… but also much Catalan. Products on sale are for swimming,…

DSC_0198 small

… household,…

DSC_0197 small

… and there are also fresh products on sale – fruit, vegetables, cheese and fish.

DSC_0195 small

It is not just a souvenir market, but also a resource used by the locals.


Rounding off a quiet day

To round off a quiet day, we have a tasty Montsant wine…

DSC_0714 small

or a Vermouth – this is pretty common apetizer here.

DSC_0742 small

Yes, I am not a beach person, but leisure in this place has its charm.

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    Send best qishes to my uncle, he lives in Miami Playa…..:)

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