On the road – a chilly November weekend in Kraków – the Christmas market

The tradition – a Fondue from Switzerland in Kraków

It has become a tradition that I travel to Kraków in late autumn to meet my friends walking and talking in town as well as sharing a Fondue at Dominik’s place.  This time Asia and her husband also invite me to their tastefully decorated new apartment. Thank you all for your wonderful hospitality.

I would like to share some of the memories that I take back from your town: I enjoyed the lively Christmas market on Rynek, said hello to some churches, to the Art Nouveau around Uliza Retoryka, to the Wisla and to the Wawel castle, escaped the chilly wind to warm up in tea houses and restaurants, learnt about Galicia and discovered an excellent small wine shop. Perhaps Kraków did not want to let me go and asked the Lufthansa pilots to go on strike from Monday 12:00, exactly when my flight to Munich was scheduled.

Let us start with the Christmas market.


The lively Christmas market on Rynek

Last year I observed angels being installed above the Rynek, two mysterious huge barrels being dropped and wooden stands emerging on the Rynek.



These were the preparations for the Christmas market.

This year I am here right in time for the Christmas market. The angels above the Rynek are again hanging above the stands and looking down at the busy activity.


Local products such as Oscypek (sheep cheese) are on sale.


This cheese is being grilled and served with cranberries. I try it and it tastes quite good – though perhaps for me somewhat interesting.


There are stands that produce a lot of smoke: Barbecued maxi sausages, pork knuckles, giant meat skewers and potatoes are on offer.


On sale are also beautiful loaves of bread…


… and the Polish cream toffees – krówki. Krówki are made from cream that comes from cows, and this is why they are called “krówki”. I followed the instruction for self service and bought some.


The “barrels” with the mysterious inscription are also back. Radek explains to me that they sell hot wine galician style or “grzaniec galicyjski” (literally “hot Galician”).


The barrels open later. Their hot wine is in demand – people stand in line for it. I also buy a cup to warm me up from the chilly wind.


This plate says what types of hot wine you get at the barrel window of the Christmas market (kiermasz świąteczny).


There is also local handicraft such as woodware and embroidery on sale.

Around me I hear a lot of Swiss German, UK English, Russian and even some French. This charming Christmas market is a valued tourist destination. I can understand that. I love to linger around here – this market has a special charm with its products from Poland and the Rynek – one of the most beautiful market squares in Europe – makes a great setting for it.


Let me continue with some more memories of Kraków later.

One thought on “On the road – a chilly November weekend in Kraków – the Christmas market

  1. Joanna Dyrek says:

    🙂 I will be famous now. Love the photos, I will go to the Christmas market tomorrow to buy some stuff, it looks so great.. . Joanna

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