A Swiss in Krakow – feeling comfortable in the Hotel Wawel

Booking hotels along with the flight

When booking the direct flight from Basel to Krakow, I checked out the hotels that Easyjet also offers. One hotel catches my attention: The hotel Wawel is located in a side street – Poselska uliza- in the old city center. It has great evaluations and it is not too expensive, breakfast included. I add the booking for the hotel to my flight.

A friendly welcome

When I arrive at the hotel shortly after ten in the morning, I am surprised by the friendly welcome. I am given my room so early in the day, and I receive a code to use Wifi without having to ask for it.

The hotel room under the roof

My room is under the roof. Furniture, carpet and curtains are perfectly matched. The bed stands on wheels… very clever. Such a bed can be pushed away easily to remove the dust also under it.


The orangerie on the first floor

On the first floor there is an “orangerie” looking into the courtyard of the house. Here guests can have a rest and drink a free coffee or tea from the machine. It is very inviting. Other guests join me. They frown at the Polish labels on the machine. As I translate, I meet a group that lives in Essex and has direct flights from their place to Kraków. I like to come back to the orangerie later with my friends.


The breakfast buffet

Breakfast is included in the price for the room. I find a large buffet with eggs, salad, sausages, cerials, yoghurt, cheese, ham, marmalade, honey and cake. Wifi also works here, in case I would like to check my social networks over breakfast. In summer, the hotel serves breakfast in the quiet courtyard. Now it is too chilly for that.

Yes, I can recommend the hotel Wawel.

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