Two Swiss in Mongolia – looking for dinosaurs

A raped raptor or Tarbosauros Bataar now on Sükhbaatar square

Somewhere a Tarbosauros Bataar appeared at an auction. Wait a minute, the Mongolians said, these raptor dinosaurs have only been found in our country! They managed to retrieve their Tarbosauros and now it is shown in an exhibition on Sükhbataar square, in a metallic box. We visit the museum box. There the raptor stands on his hind legs, with his short forearms (not used to capture his prey), with his long head and strong neck (used to tear apart his prey) and with his small brain (used to smell where the prey is, this part of the brain was well developed – and, says Ursula, beings with smaller brains might not be more stupid… women also have smaller brains than men).  The exhibition is well curated.




The flaming cliffs in the Gobi desert – Indiana Jones found dinosaurs here

Later in the south, near Bayanzag, we walk through the flaming cliffs. They are made from sandstone and are exposed to constant erosion. In the 1920’s Roy Chapman Andrews came here and found bones and eggs of dinosaurs.  Roy loved adventures and science and it is said that Indiana Jones has been modeled after him.



The erosion discloses dinosaur bones and eggs until today. We walk around in the cliffs. Matthias keeps hs eyes open… and he ends up finding some bones in the sand.


Some dino bones in the museum of the Gurvan Saikhan National Park

The bones and eggs found in the Gobi desert are now on display in the museum of Natural History  in Ulan Baator which is currently closed due to renovation. We found this bone in the museum at the entrance to the Gurvan Saikhan National Park.


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