Two Swiss in Mongolia – the boat ride on the Khövsgöl lake

Joining the group from Stuttgart for a boat ride
During breakfast, Aika organizes that we can join the boat tour with the group from Stuttgart, three men and two children. One of them is a Mongolian living in Germany. He is showing his country to his daughter and to some friends. Costs: 90’000 Törgöt or about 45 Dollars each for four hours.
The wish rock – do I have a wish?
The manager of the camp drives the boat to the wish rock
High above the lake there is an ovoo.
We climb the small path to the ridge, find a great view of this large lake disappearing in the horizon.
We circle the ovoo three times – clockwise.
What about my wish on this wish rock? I have Ernst in my heart and I am happy to have lived with him. I do not know what else to wish, except that I want to enjoy looking back, while sharing my live with friends – give and take. And, Ernst, forgive me for having let your son join you too early.
The manager points out some wild garlic (лук) to me. It is a green stem with the fluffy violett flower reminding me of the chive in my garden.
Berries and birds
Next stop is a stony shore with some blue berries. They are blackcurrant (черная смородина). The children love to eat from the bushes in the wild.
Next stop is at the birds’ rock. Our boat rund so fast that most seagulls and cormorans leave the island and wait outside on the water.
We stroll along the island, plough our way through swarms of small flies, hold our breath, when the smell around us gets to strong (on Galapagos they make dung out of this), sadly look at the dead birds lying around, as young seagulls risk being eaten by adults.
Fishing for the children
Our boat takes us back to a bay, where the children unpack angling rods for a short fishing session. We climb up the cliff and find a beautiful forest clearing with a burbling creek and a carpet of mushrooms, all relatives of the boletus.
After that we return to our Döltur camp for lunch and for another stroll along the lake, enjoying the cristal clear water.
Dinner – simmered ham with many delicacies
At 6:30 the camp restaurant is still closed; dinner is not ready. This camp has a very gifted lady cook, and today she is preparig a specialty: Ham that isnsimmering in an oven behind the kitchen (хорхог).
She serves it with rice, steamed bread (мантуу), mushrooms, cabbage in the form of salad and various vegetables, rice, potato and pickled cucumber. We take the bones into our hands and gnaw on them like real Mongolians. It is a delicious meal. As we come down to our ger, the oven has been heated so well that we feel like in a sauna.

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