Two Swiss in Mongolia – flight delayed

Bad weather in Mongolia?

At 3PM we try to check in to our flight to Mongolia. The information desk at Tegel frowns, cannot find the flight, and then finds out that the flight of Mongolian airlines beeb delayed to tomorrow. The reason: Bad weather in Ulanbataar

Hotel Mercur and another visit to Berlin

Close to the airport there is the Hotel Mercur. It has a shuttle bus. We settle in a room here.  Then we take the bus to Bahnhof Zoo… to visit Berlin. Kaiser Wilhelm Gedächtniskirche – Ursula liked the blue modern church.  The memorial place is open and we learn that they considered to rebuild the church from 1890. S-Bahn to Hacke’scher Markt. We stroll through the Hacke’sche Höfe and we like the Freitag Shop. Then we walk to the Museumsinsel, Gendarmenmarkt and Brandenburgertor. I show once more, where the wall ended separating the two towns, as I have always done for Ernst.

Is the minister so… that he takes the whole plane?

Back at the airport we find out that a minister has taken our flight and that our plane flew to Edinburgh.  When I tell a friend about the Mongolian minister, he asks me: ” Well, does this minister need a full plane for himself?”

Well… let us hope we make it to Mongolia tomorrow, after having enjoyed our short walk through Berlin.

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