A Swiss in Petersburg: Getting Settled

Дом быта or Dom Beat, a trendy bar

In the plane Anna joins me, young and fresh, on her way back from the US. We chat all the way, we both leave aside our Spanish lessons, she points me to the Dom Beat, which, as I later find out, is one of the main picks by Lonely Planet. A charming introduction to Piteri.

A great welcome at the Airport

I love finding a good friend meeting me at the airport. Larissa took me to town in her car.  Carefully telling me, in Petersburg, I should not just cross the street as I do in Basel. There is no law giving precedence to pedestrians. Oh yes, I will be in a bigger city now.

Living in a nice private apartment

Elena has just renovated her apartment and I will share it with her. It is in a small and quiet street close to the city center. She welcomes me with steamed vegetables.

White nights

My host looks after apartments and one of them is close to the blue mosque overlooking the Neva with all the gems of the city, the Ermitage in the forefront. At 9pm, and we decide to have dinner and we enjoy the view to the Neva on the first floor of  a nice restaurant, leaving the. place around 11 pm, and it is still bright.

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